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17/12/2014 Study on the improvement of water vapor permeability and moisture absorption of microfiber synthetic leather base by collagen
17/12/2014 A model for predicting drying time period of wool yarn bobbins using computational intelligence techniques
17/12/2014 Seam detection of inhomogeneously textured fabrics based on wavelet transform
10/12/2014 Cottonscope fiber maturity, fineness, and ribbon width measurements with different sample sizes
10/12/2014 Optimization of nozzle structure parameters of vortex spinning
10/12/2014 PLA nonwovens modified with poly(dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate) as antimicrobial filter materials for workplaces
10/12/2014 Removal and recovery of CI reactive red 195 from effluent by solvent extraction using reverse micelles
10/12/2014 Deodorizing function and antibacterial activity of fabrics dyed with gallnut (Galla Chinensis) extract
10/12/2014 Interfacial heat transfer through a natural protective fibrous architecture: a wild silkworm cocoon wall
10/12/2014 A review on the application of photocatalytic materials on textiles
10/12/2014 Infrared stealth property study of mesoporous carbon-aluminum doped zinc oxide coated cotton fabrics
10/12/2014 Sizing system for girls aged 13-20 years based on body types
10/12/2014 Geometrical modeling of near-net shape braided preforms
10/12/2014 A novel approach to improving the quality of chitosan blended yarns using static theory
10/12/2014 Designing UV/VIS/NIR-sensitive shape memory filament yarns
10/12/2014 Thermal and moisture transfer properties of sock fabrics differing in fiber type, yarn, and fabric structure
10/12/2014 Effects of a tailor-made girdle on posture of adolescents with early scoliosis
10/12/2014 Transfer and mechanical behavior of three-dimensional honeycomb fabric
10/12/2014 Effects of vacuum steaming processes on the properties of continuous and staple polyester yarns
10/12/2014 Effect of TW-ZnO/SiO2-compounded shear thickening fluid on the sound insulation property of glass fiber fabric
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