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27/05/2016 Electrospinning of Styrene-Ethyl Acrylate Emulsion Copolymers: Exploring the Impact of Polymer Polarity and Glass Transition Temperature on Fiber Formation and Hydrophobicity
27/05/2016 Novel glazing technologies to mitigate energy consumption in low-carbon buildings: a comparative experimental investigation
27/05/2016 A study of ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer fiber for the drawing process
27/05/2016 The effect of fabric movement on washing performance in a front-loading washer IV: under 3.25-kg laundry load condition
27/05/2016 Covalent immobilization of enzyme on aminated woven poly (lactic acid) via ammonia plasma: evaluation of the optimum immobilization conditions
27/05/2016 Reverse ballistics penetration of Kevlar(R) fabric with different indenters at different loading rates
11/05/2016 Analysis of the effects of rotating roller speed on a roller electrospinning system
09/05/2016 A critical review on compression textiles for compression therapy: Textile-based compression interventions for chronic venous insufficiency
09/05/2016 A novel approach to using neural networks to predict the colour of fibre blends
05/05/2016 The impact of float stitches on the resistance of conductive knitted structures
05/05/2016 Comparative study of cotton, ramie and wool fiber bundles thermal and dynamic mechanical thermal properties
03/05/2016 Experimental investigation and optimization of ends-together pneumatic splice chambers
03/05/2016 Pressure drop, penetration and quality factor of filter paper containing nanofibers
03/05/2016 Influence of He/O2 atmospheric pressure plasma pretreatment on sizing adhesion strength and breaking elongation of sized cotton rovings
03/05/2016 Simulating adhesion of wet fabrics to water: Gravity of liquid bridge-based theoretical model and experimental verification
03/05/2016 An investigation on the distribution of massive fiber granules in rotor spinning units
03/05/2016 Recent advances in modeling and experiments of Kevlar ballistic fibrils, fibers, yarns and flexible woven textile fabrics - a review
03/05/2016 Moisture transfer properties of bifacial fabrics
03/05/2016 The effect of different radiation sources for the UV curing of a screen"printed, water"based polyurethane acrylate binder
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