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22/07/2014 Studies on the Application of Efficient Composite Flocculant in Water Treatment
22/07/2014 Survival and Internationalization of Firms: Reliability Analysis Methodology Applied to the Understanding of the Case of Colombian Textile and Clothing Companies
22/07/2014 Influence of Modifiers on the Work of Wetting and the Work of Adhesion of Oil Coating Materials
22/07/2014 Strategies for Chinese Domestic High-End Clothing Brand
22/07/2014 Azimuthal instabilities in annular combustors: standing and spinning modes
22/07/2014 Study on clothing pressure distribution of calf based on finite element method
22/07/2014 The Modern Feedlot for Finishing Cattle
22/07/2014 Construction of innovative service system dresses for wedding photography
22/07/2014 More Judicious Use of Fish Oil in Cobia Feeds: II. Effects of Graded Fish Oil Sparing and Finishing
22/07/2014 A Safer Method for Body Restoration Following Autopsy
22/07/2014 Wearable Technology as a Booster of Clinical Care
22/07/2014 Role of filament cross-section in properties of PET multifilament yarn and fabric. Part I: Effect of fibre cross-sectional shape on transmission behaviour of fabrics
22/07/2014 Coordination of Cooperative Advertising in a Two-Period Fashion and Textiles Supply Chain
22/07/2014 Characterization of Soil Organic Matter in Aggregates and Size-Density Fractions by Solid State C-13 CPMAS NMR Spectroscopy
22/07/2014 Novel method for treatment of hollow fiber membranes using hypochlorite
22/07/2014 Effects of two finishing diets on growth performance, carcass characteristics and feeding behaviour of Slovenian Cika and Simmental young bulls
22/07/2014 E-sail test payload of the ESTCube-1 nanosatellite
22/07/2014 Longitudinal velocity and road slope estimation in hybrid electric vehicles employing early detection of excessive wheel slip
22/07/2014 Researching on Needle Control Algorithm and Experimentation Process of Magnetic Suspension Drive
22/07/2014 The effect of quenching rate on structure and soft magnetic properties of high Bs Fe-based nanocrystalline alloys
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