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08/08/2014 Power Grid Simulation Model for Long Term Operation Planning
08/08/2014 A New Approach to Clothing Classification using Mid-Level Layers
08/08/2014 Workpiece Placement Optimization for Machining Operations with a KUKA KR270-2 Robot
08/08/2014 Analysis of Manipulator Structures under Joint-Failure with Respect to Efficient Control in Task-Specific Contexts
08/08/2014 Automation of Tying Task on Tie-Dyeing of Traditional Craft by Robots
08/08/2014 Tessellated gold nanostructures from Au-144(SCH2CH2Ph)(60) molecular precursors and their use in organic solar cell enhancement
08/08/2014 Reduction of Hexavalent Chromium in Water Using Iron-Aluminum Bimetallic Particles
08/08/2014 Physical Properties of Woven Fabric from Paper Mulberry Yarn
08/08/2014 The Root of the Problem: On the Relationship between Wool Processing and Lanolin Production
08/08/2014 Preparation and Application of Conductive Textile Coatings Filled with Honeycomb Structured Carbon Nanotubes
08/08/2014 Morphology and Performance Analysis of Alpaca and Cashmere Fiber
08/08/2014 Influence of zirconium oxide on thermal degradation and flame retardancy of viscose fibers
08/08/2014 The Role of Surface Topography on Fatigue Behaviour of Nickel Based Superalloys
08/08/2014 Natural Dye from Garcinia Dulcis (Roxb.) Kurz Bark and Application on Silk Fabric by Using Pad-batch Dyeing: A study on mordant concentrations efficiency
08/08/2014 Electrospinning of Polycaprolactone in Dichloromethane/Dimethylformamide Solvent System
08/08/2014 Investigation of applying electrospinning in fused deposition modeling for scaffold fabrication
08/08/2014 Development and evaluation of Nano Electret Filters for Household Water Treatment
08/08/2014 Nanocomposite polycaprolactone/Carbon Nanotube processed by electrospinning applying of AC
08/08/2014 Frequency-dependent fibre alignment using deflector plates during electrospinning
08/08/2014 Electrospinning and electrospun nanofibres
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