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27/07/2015 Why the Smith theory over-predicts instant rupture velocities during fiber transverse impact
27/07/2015 Automated tool to determine geometric measurements of woven textiles using digital image analysis techniques
27/07/2015 Formation of digital yarn black board using sequence images
27/07/2015 A new approach to quantify the thermal shrinkage of fire protective clothing after flash fire exposure
27/07/2015 Influence of the non-linearity of fabric tensile behavior for preforming modeling of a woven flax fabric
27/07/2015 The effect of fabric movement on washing performance in a front-loading washer III: Focus on the optimized movement algorithm
27/07/2015 Understanding the tampon density and density gradient through computed tomography imaging
27/07/2015 A review of garment ventilation strategies for structural firefighter protective clothing
27/07/2015 A hemicyanine fluorescent reactive cationic dye: synthesis and applications on wool fabrics
13/07/2015 Enhancing the performance properties of ester-cross-linked cotton fabrics using Al2O3-NPs
09/07/2015 Transverse compression of two high-performance ballistic fibers
09/07/2015 Thermo-regulated sheath/core submicron fiber with poly(diethylene glycol hexadecyl ether acrylate) as a core
09/07/2015 Effects of dot-type adhesive and yarn float on shear stiffness of laminated fabric with interlining
09/07/2015 Contribution of surface energy and roughness to the wettability of polyamide 6 and polypropylene film in the plasma-induced process
09/07/2015 Pyrolysis kinetics of polysulfonamide fiber used for fire protective clothing
09/07/2015 Composition of ramie hemicelluloses and effect of polysaccharides on fiber properties
09/07/2015 Bismuth oxide-coated fabrics for X-ray shielding
09/07/2015 Studies on package winding with modified traverse blades. Part I: Modification of existing system
09/07/2015 Image inspection of knitted fabric defects using wavelet packets
09/07/2015 A new method to measure the solubility of disperse dyes in water at high temperature
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