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29/05/2015 Effects of two different battings (sheep wool versus polyester microfiber) in an outdoor jacket on the heat and moisture management and comfort sensation in the cold
29/05/2015 A novel image processing technology for recognizing the weave of fabrics
29/05/2015 The impact of degumming conditions on the properties of silk films for biomedical applications
22/05/2015 Comparison of biodegradation of low-weight hydroentangled raw cotton nonwoven fabric and that of commonly used disposable nonwoven fabrics in aerobic Captina silt loam soil
22/05/2015 A smart fabric with increased insulating properties
22/05/2015 Progressive and cumulative fabric effects of multiple hydroentangling impacts at different water pressures on greige cotton substrate
22/05/2015 Influences of the air inlet and yarn-loading slit on the performance of an air-twist nozzle
22/05/2015 Tactile perception of fabrics with an artificial finger compared to human sensing
22/05/2015 Preparation and performance of silver as an antimicrobial agent for textiles: A review
22/05/2015 Computational simulation of air flow in the rotor spinning unit
22/05/2015 Effect of fabric structure and polymer matrix on flexural strength, interlaminar shear stress, and energy dissipation of glass fiber-reinforced polymer composites
22/05/2015 The theoretical yarn unevenness of cotton considering the joint influence of fiber length distribution and fiber fineness
22/05/2015 Prediction of needle heating in an industrial sewing machine
22/05/2015 The accelerating effect of a small cationic quaternary ammonium compound and the adsorption kinetics in the dyeing of silk with reactive dyes
22/05/2015 Preparation and characterisation of silver" or copper"doped TiO2 catalysts and their catalytic activity in dye degradation
22/05/2015 Synthesis, properties, and application of new benzothiazole"based sensitisers in polymer chemistry
12/05/2015 Recovery of ink particles in a concurrent column flotation
12/05/2015 Revisiting tetranitrophenolsulfonephthalein
12/05/2015 Deep"coloured polyester/cotton blends with low concentrations of polymethylol dyes by a one"pass continuous dyeing process
11/05/2015 Derivatives of 1,4"naphthoquinone as visible"light"absorbing one"component photoinitiators for radical polymerisation
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