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01/09/2014 The effect of bore fluid type on performance of treated polysulfone hollow-fiber membrane
01/09/2014 Physical properties of plain single jersey-knitted fabrics made from blended and core-spun polysulfonamide/cotton yarns
01/09/2014 The effects of recurrent stretching on the performance of electro-textile and screen-printed ultra-high-frequency radio-frequency identification tags
01/09/2014 Relationships between sleeve trial and wearer trial assessment of discomfort and objective measurements
01/09/2014 Thermal resistance models of selected fabrics in wet state and their experimental verification
01/09/2014 The effect of fabric movement on washing performance in a front-loading washer II: under various physical washing conditions
01/09/2014 High-performance liquid chromatography-diode array detector-mass selective detector analysis of major natural dyes with the application of H2O2/ultraviolet treatment as a way to simulate burial degradation of textiles
01/09/2014 Assessment of the heat and moisture transfer in a multilayer protective fabric system under various ambient conditions
01/09/2014 A finite element analysis of an auxetic warp-knitted spacer fabric structure
01/09/2014 Research on mechanical properties of the Siro-spinning triangle using the Finite Element Method
01/09/2014 Physical phenomena occurring in the process of physical-mechanical degumming of fiber from flax straw
01/09/2014 The effect of physical factors on the process of physical-mechanical degumming of flax fibers
01/09/2014 Electrospinning of polymethyl methacrylate nanofibers: optimization of processing parameters using the Taguchi design of experiments
01/09/2014 Evaluation method for yarn diameter unevenness based on image sequence processing
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