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26/07/2016 Accurate prediction of cotton ring-spun yarn quality from high-volume instrument and mill processing data
26/07/2016 Flammability and thermal properties of cotton fabrics modified with a novel flame retardant containing triazine and phosphorus components
26/07/2016 Properties of camphor oil/poly (methyl methacrylate) composites and their application on cotton fabrics
26/07/2016 Realization of planar frequency selective fabrics and analysis of transmission characteristics
26/07/2016 Investigating the effect of some fabric parameters on the thermal comfort properties of flat knitted acrylic fabrics for winter wear
26/07/2016 Study on aerodynamic frictional drag on the surface of flexible fabric
26/07/2016 New approach for modeling the quality of the bagging date using desirability functions
26/07/2016 A review on advanced imaging technologies for the quantification of wicking in textiles
26/07/2016 Measurement comparison of cotton fiber micronaire and its components by portable near infrared spectroscopy instruments
26/07/2016 An investigation of some parameter effects on the internal flow characteristics in the main nozzle
26/07/2016 Mathematical model of haptic perception of temperature
26/07/2016 Development of an enzyme-immobilized support using a polyester woven fabric
26/07/2016 Micromechanics of hydroentangled nonwoven fabrics
26/07/2016 Electromagnetic performance of a three-dimensional woven fabric antenna conformal with cylindrical surfaces
26/07/2016 Development of an innovative sandwich composite material for protection of lower limb against landmine explosion: mechanical leg test results
26/07/2016 Automatic identification of textile pattern consecutiveness based on similarity space
26/07/2016 Textile sensor for heat flow measurements
26/07/2016 Influence of washing/drying cycles on fundamental properties of metal fiber-containing fabrics designed for electromagnetic shielding purposes
26/07/2016 Prediction of creep behavior of laminated woven fabric with adhesive interlining under low stress in the bias direction
26/07/2016 Spectrophotometric prediction of pre-colored fiber blends with a hybrid model based on artificial neural network and Stearns-Noechel model
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