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03/03/2015 Numerical simulation of the three-dimensional flow field in four pneumatic compact spinning using the Finite Element Method
03/03/2015 Geometrical modeling of honeycomb woven fabric architecture
03/03/2015 Synthesis and characterization of adipic acid/polyethylene glycol/poly(ethylene terephthalate) copolyester fiber
03/03/2015 Synthesis of novel Schiff base metal complexes with reactive groups and their catalytic property for hydrogen peroxide decomposition
03/03/2015 Study on air permeability and thermal resistance of textiles under heat convection
03/03/2015 Physical and combustion properties of nonwoven fabrics produced from conventional and naturally colored cottons
03/03/2015 Preparation of bamboo-hat-shaped deposition of a poly(ethylene terephthalate) fiber web by melt-electrospinning
03/03/2015 Dynamic properties of air-jet yarns compared to rotor spinning
03/03/2015 Chan-Vese segmentation model for faster and accurate evaluation of yarn packing density
03/03/2015 Detection of fiber effects on skin health of the human foot
03/03/2015 Failure modes of conducting yarns in electronic-textile applications
03/03/2015 F.J. Carrión-Fité, PhD
03/03/2015 Lin Yang, Li Yu, Han Cheng
03/03/2015 Serpil Koral Koc
03/03/2015 Ismail Hossain, Imtiaz Ahmed Choudhury, PhD
03/03/2015 Serpil Koral Koc, Sebnem Duzyer, Asli Hockenberger
03/03/2015 Mustafa Sabri Özen, PhD
03/03/2015 Fengyan Li, PhD, Hongjun Fu
03/03/2015 Gulsah Pamuk, PhD
03/03/2015 Mostafa Jamshidi Avanaki, Ali Asghar Asgharian Jeddi, PhD
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