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09/06/2016 Investigation of models of the yarn-bobbin drying process by determination of their parameters using genetic algorithm
09/06/2016 Finite element simulations to evaluate deformation of polyester tubular braided structures
09/06/2016 Development of multiaxial warp knitting technology for production of three-dimensional near net shape shell preforms
09/06/2016 A pilot study examining garment severance damage caused by a trained sharp-weapon user
06/06/2016 Designing a smart electrically heated sleeping bag to improve wearers feet thermal comfort while sleeping in a cold ambient environment
06/06/2016 An experimental study on vibration isolation performance of weft-knitted spacer fabrics
06/06/2016 A novel approach for developing high thermal conductive artificial leather by utilizing smart electronic materials
06/06/2016 Heat and mass transfer through outerwear clothing for protection from cold: influence of geometrical, structural and mass characteristics of the textile layers
06/06/2016 Impact of seam types on thermal properties of athletic bodywear
06/06/2016 Wet-chemical method for the metallization of a para-aramid filament yarn wound on a cylindrical dyeing package
06/06/2016 Interactive virtual try-on based three-dimensional garment block design for disabled people of scoliosis type
06/06/2016 Mehmet Emin Yuksekkaya, PhD, Gizem Celep, PhD, Gamze Dogan, PhD,Mevlut Tercan, PhD, Basak Urhan, MSc
06/06/2016 Uday Turaga, PhD, Vinitkumar Singh, PhD, Anna Gibson, PhD, Shahrima Maharubin, Carol Korzeniewski, PhD, Steven Presley, PhD, Ernest Smith, PhD, Ronald J Kendall, PhD, Seshadri S. Ramkumar, Ph.D.
06/06/2016 Jin Joo Jung, Chang Kyu Park
06/06/2016 Fengxin Sun, Zhaoqun Du, Weidong Yu, Nanliang Chen
06/06/2016 Yongjian Xu Shaanxi, Yuzhen Ning Shaanxi, Leigang Zuo, Hao Sun Shaanxi
06/06/2016 Prithwiraj Mal
06/06/2016 Qingyun Liu, Yanling Chen, PhD
06/06/2016 Xiaoxia Liu, Tingting Wang, Mingyu Zhuang, Binjie Xin, Wei Liu
06/06/2016 Enric Carrera-Gallissà, PhD, Xavier Capdevila, PhD, Josep Valldeperas PhD
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