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23/10/2014 Capillary flow of liquid water through yarns: a theoretical model
22/10/2014 Silvering of three-dimensional polyethylene terephthalate textile material by means of wet-chemical processes
20/10/2014 Effect of yarn, machine and knitting process parameters on the dynamics of the circular knitting needle
20/10/2014 Design and electromagnetic properties of conformal single-patch microstrip antennas integrated into three-dimensional orthogonal woven fabrics
20/10/2014 The impact of super-absorbent materials on the thermo-physiological properties of textiles
20/10/2014 Modeling of package-free flexible conductive fabric with thermal regulation where temperature can be customized
20/10/2014 Feature matching of fancy weft knitted stitch based on modified SURF algorithm
20/10/2014 Relationships between wearer assessment and the instrumental measurement of the handle and prickle of knitted wool fabrics
20/10/2014 Synthesis process control and property evaluation of a low-viscosity urethane acrylate oligomer for blue light curable ink of textile digital printing
20/10/2014 The effect of plasma treatment and loop length on the handle of lightweight jersey fabrics as assessed by the Wool HandleMeter
20/10/2014 An intelligent computer method for automatic mosaic and segmentation of tracer fiber images for yarn structure analysis
20/10/2014 Sound-absorbing green composites based on cellulose ultra-short/ultra-fine fibers
20/10/2014 Formulas to determine fabric bending rigidity from simple tests
20/10/2014 A simple sleeve test worn during exercise to quantify skin feel and willingness to pay for wool fabric samples
13/10/2014 Structure and spinning of composite yarn based on the multifilament spreading method using a modified ring frame
01/10/2014 Description of photochromic textile properties in selected color spaces
01/10/2014 Multi-needle, electrospun, nanofiber filaments: effects of the needle arrangement on the nanofiber alignment degree and electrostatic field distribution
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