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29/04/2016 The clearing of dyed polyester. Part 1. A comparison of traditional reduction clearing with treatments using organic reducing agents
29/04/2016 Synthesis and application of dyes derived from benz[cd]indol"2(1H)"one as visible"light"absorbing polymerisation photoinitiators
19/04/2016 Thermal resistance of cut pile hand tufted carpet and its prediction
19/04/2016 Eco-friendly salt-free reactive dyeing of cotton (muslin) fabric after cationization with amino acid from soya
19/04/2016 Functional fabric treatment using tannic acid and extract from purple-fleshed sweet potato
19/04/2016 Ecofriendly dyeing of silk with extract of yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis)
19/04/2016 Classifying cotton bark and grass extraneous matter using image analysis
19/04/2016 Improving the electromagnetic shielding of nickel/polyaniline coated polytrimethylene-terephthalate knitted fabric by optimizing the electroless plating conditions
19/04/2016 Mathematical modeling, simulation and validation of the dynamic yarn path in a superconducting magnet bearing (SMB) ring spinning system
19/04/2016 Physiological and psychological responses while wearing firefighters protective clothing under various ambient conditions
19/04/2016 Geometrical and mechanical modelings of dry relaxed slack plain-knitted fabrics for the benefit of technical textile applications Part I: a geometrical model
19/04/2016 Influence of micro and nano-scale roughness on hydrophobicity of a plasma-treated woven fabric
19/04/2016 Effect of proportion of carbon fiber content and the dispersion of two fiber types on tensile and compressive properties of intra-layer hybrid composites
19/04/2016 Geometrical and mechanical modelings of dry relaxed slack plain knitted fabrics for the benefit of technical textile applications part II: Mechanical modeling induced by friction
12/04/2016 Comparisons of Minicard ratings with ion chromatography sugar profiles of water extracts of cotton fibers and those of Minicard sticky spot materials
05/04/2016 Influence of liquor ratio and amount of dyestuff in producing ultradeep black dyeing using mercerised and cationised cotton
05/04/2016 Improving the colour fastness of dyed nylon"6 fabric by graft copolymerisation and curing of acrylic acid
05/04/2016 Factors affecting the measurement of photochromic lens performance
05/04/2016 A new colorimetric assay for antioxidant capacity and photostability
05/04/2016 Aloe vera gel: a new thickening agent for pigment printing
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