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21/01/2015 Clay hydration/dehydration in dry to water-saturated supercritical CO2: Implications for caprock integrity
21/01/2015 Optimisation of Switching Programs for Demand Side Management of Domestic Hot Water Load
21/01/2015 Welding process from the civil engineering point of view
21/01/2015 PolyJet technology for product prototyping: Tensile strength and surface roughness properties
21/01/2015 Surface finishing method for tooth flank of heat-treated surface-hardened small gears using a gear-shaped tool composed of alumina-fiber-reinforced plastic
21/01/2015 Investigation of potential soil contamination with Cr and Ni in four metal finishing facilities at Asopos industrial area
21/01/2015 Self-Assembling Array of Magnetoelectrostatic Jets from the Surface of a Superparamagnetic Ionic Liquid
21/01/2015 Biodegradable Shortened Electrospun Nanofibers Scaffold for Big Sized Spheroid Formation
21/01/2015 Control of the electric field-polymer solution interaction by utilizing ultra-conductive fluids
21/01/2015 A review Article on Enzymes and Their Role in Resist and Discharge Printing Styles
21/01/2015 Rapid tooling injection molded prototypes: a case study in artificial photosynthesis technology
21/01/2015 The Impact of a Bi-connected Graph Decomposition on Solving Cooperative Path-finding Problems
21/01/2015 Evaluating the roughness according to the tool path strategy when milling free form surfaces for mold application
21/01/2015 Videooptical Surface Shape and Integrity Estimation in Robots Machining
21/01/2015 Machining of hypereutectic Aluminum Silicon Alloys
21/01/2015 A study of processing Al 6061 with electrochemical magnetic abrasive finishing
21/01/2015 Surface Finishing of Needles for High-Performance Biopsy
21/01/2015 Investigation of material removal and surface topography formation in vibratory finishing
21/01/2015 Microstructuring of surfaces by two-stage vibration-assisted turning
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