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24/11/2014 Millet in diets of growing and finishing pigs
24/11/2014 Functionalisation and pore size control of electrospun PA6 nanofibres using a microwave jet plasma
24/11/2014 New Electrospinning Nozzle to Reduce Jet Instability and Its Application to Manufacture of Multi-layered Nanofibers
18/11/2014 Research on precision grinding processing and compensation finishing experiment for Mid-large-aperture Square Aspheric Optical Element
18/11/2014 Finishing precocity visual score and genetic associations with growth traits in Angus beef cattle
18/11/2014 Combined fabrication process for high-precision aspheric surface based on smoothing polishing and magnetorheological finishing
18/11/2014 Evaluate error correction ability of magnetorheological finishing process by Smoothing Spectral Function
18/11/2014 Effects of Surface Finishing on the Mechanical Properties of Induction Welded Iron Based Sintered Compacts
18/11/2014 Research on the magnetorheological finishing (MRF) technology with dual polishing heads
18/11/2014 Characterization of ruminal temperature and its relationship with ruminal pH in beef heifers fed growing and finishing diets
18/11/2014 Effects of maize maturity at harvest and dietary proportion of maize silage on intake and performance of growing/finishing bulls
18/11/2014 The interactive effects of high-fat, high-fiber diets and ractopamine HCl on finishing pig growth performance, carcass characteristics, and carcass fat quality
18/11/2014 Facile Bifunctional Dyeing of Polyester under Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Medium with New Antibacterial Hydrazono Propanenitrile Dyes
18/11/2014 Finishing mill strip gage setup and control by interval type-1 non-singleton type-2 fuzzy logic systems
18/11/2014 Facile preparation of titanium dioxide micro/nanofibers and tubular structures by air jet spinning
10/11/2014 Study on prevention of spread of vertical fire along finishing materials for external wall of high-rise buildings
10/11/2014 Environmental conditions in a finishing unit in the Ebro Valley. The effect of location with regard to the prevailing winds
10/11/2014 A Comparative Study on In Vitro Osteogenic Priming Potential of Electron Spun Scaffold PLLA/HA/Col, PLLA/HA, and PLLA/Col for Tissue Engineering Application
10/11/2014 Comparable Evaluation of Leather Waterproofing Behaviour upon Hide Quality. II. Influence of Finishing on Leather Properties
10/11/2014 Objective Measurement of Hand Properties of Plasma Pre-treated Cotton Fabrics Subjected to Flame-Retardant Finishing Catalyzed by Zinc Oxide
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