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23/03/2015 Wood as Material Suitable for Health Care and Therapeutic Facilities
23/03/2015 Tool-path Scheduling for Free-form Surface Based on MasterCAM
23/03/2015 Application of MasterCAM in the processing of avoiding valve pits of piston
23/03/2015 Effect of Finish Rolling Process on Improvement of Lamellar Tearing Resistance of High-rise Building Steel
23/03/2015 Comparison of Curved Surface Part Finishing Simulation Based on CAXA
23/03/2015 Finishing Bedding Plants: A Comparison of an Unheated High Tunnel versus a Heated Greenhouse in Two Geographic Locations
23/03/2015 Study on the magnetorheological finishing method for the WEDMed pierced die cavity
23/03/2015 Bio Focus Spinning artificial spider silk remains a challenge
23/03/2015 Planetary motion combined with two-dimensional vibration-assisted magnetic abrasive finishing
23/03/2015 A Short Remark on WAN Model for Electrospinning and Bubble Electrospinning and Its Development
23/03/2015 Investigation on jet stability, fiber diameter, and tensile properties of electrospun polyacrylonitrile nanofibrous yarns
23/03/2015 The development of antibacterial-fire retardant bamboo pulp/cotton tufted carpets
23/03/2015 The Historic Clothing Project at the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum (West Sussex, UK)
23/03/2015 Impact of calving seasons and feeding systems in western Canada. II. Meat composition and organoleptic quality of steaks
23/03/2015 Effect of Propionibacterium freudenreichii on ruminal fermentation patterns, methane production and lipid biohydrogenation of beef finishing diets containing flaxseed oil in a rumen simulation technique
23/03/2015 Foreign body in liver: Sewing needle
23/03/2015 Ion Beam and Plasma Jet based methods in ultra-precision optics manufacturing
23/03/2015 Recipient site preparation for epidermal graft in stable vitiligo by a special fraise
23/03/2015 A 2D CFD simulation of MR polishing medium in magnetic field-assisted finishing process using electromagnet
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