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08/08/2014 Workpiece Placement Optimization for Machining Operations with a KUKA KR270-2 Robot
08/08/2014 The Role of Surface Topography on Fatigue Behaviour of Nickel Based Superalloys
08/08/2014 Investigation of applying electrospinning in fused deposition modeling for scaffold fabrication
08/08/2014 An improved free surface electrospinning for high throughput manufacturing of core-shell nanofibers
08/08/2014 Study the rheological property of gel abrasives in magnetic abrasive finishing
08/08/2014 An investigation on quantitative analysis of energy consumption and carbon footprint in the grinding process
08/08/2014 A model to determine the optimal parameters for sustainable-energy machining in a multi-pass turning operation
08/08/2014 Image analysis of jet structure on electrospinning from free liquid surface
08/08/2014 Performance of laser polishing in finishing of metallic surfaces
08/08/2014 Modelling cattle population as lifetime trajectories driven by management options: A way to better integrate beef and milk production in emissions assessment
08/08/2014 An experimental work on using conductive powder-filled polymer composite cast material as tool electrode in EDM
08/08/2014 Soybean meal replaced by slow release urea in finishing diets for beef cattle
08/08/2014 Effects of detoxified Jatropha curcas kernel meal in finishing pig diets on their performance, carcass traits, meat quality and intoxication
08/08/2014 The transition to a clean, dry, and energy efficient polishing process: an innovative upgrade of abrasive flow machining for simultaneous generation of micro-geometry and polishing in the tooling industry
08/08/2014 Influence of supplementing vitamin C to yearling steers fed a high sulfur diet during the finishing period on meat color, tenderness and protein degradation, and fatty acid profile of the longissimus muscle
08/08/2014 Application of mathematical modeling in two-stage rolling of hot rolled wire rods
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